Momentum Mag Readers’ Favorite Urban Biking Tips

Visibility, route planning, gear – our readers have some great tips for navigating through a city by bike.

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Visibility, route planning, gear – our readers have some great tips for navigating through a city by bike.

Make sure you know where you started from, but try a morning or afternoon without a strict agenda or destination – just explore the city – meandering down whatever street calls to you. Karen, Burnaby, BC

To navigate around cities, use train stations or other “destinations” as a guide, as these are usually signposted on the streets. Margaret, Trenton, NJ

Don’t be afraid of the city! Drivers are far more used to seeing cyclists in the city than they are in the suburbs. As a result, it is much easier to ride there. Just stay off the biggest arterial roads and you will be fine. Mark Potts, Arlington, VA

Remember to bring the map holder. Cindy, Bellingham, WA

I usually like to be prepared by bringing extra clothing, a camera and snack food with me. Pretty obvious stuff. But, when in an unfamiliar locale, I enjoy asking for directions just to speak with locals and get their opinions on where to go for a drink and coffee and about local bakeries. I like to feel part of the city’s energy and vibe. Frosene, Normandy Park, WA

Bring your own helmet (if so inclined to wear one) and bike lights. Christopher, Huntsville, AL

Don’t be afraid to ask about bringing your bike inside when there’s a lack of adequate bike parking. We’ve been to many places: stores, restaurants, cafes, offices, etc., that were more than happy to let us bring our bikes inside. Bryan, Santa Monica, CA

Believe it or not, Indianapolis has an emerging bike scene. Kevin, Venice, CA

If you don’t want to rent a bike on vacation, it is often easy to pick up a bike on Craigslist. Colleen, Los Angeles, CA

Make sure you are visible, and follow the rules of the road. Maureen, Wantagh, NY

Urban biking can be less stressful than non-urban biking. Yaejoon, Savory, IL

Do you have a tip you’d like to add? Share your urban biking tips in the comments below!

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