Montague Crosstown Folding Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Montague Crosstown folding bike.

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PRICE: $659.95 USD


AVAILABLE IN: US and Canada bikes stores and online.

Using Montague’s CLIX™ Wheel Release System, the Crosstown is a 700c bike that folds with a couple of easy clicks. Combining a lightweight aluminum frame, 7 speeds, and performance gel saddle this urban folding bike provides the ride experience of a full size bike with the convenience of a folding bike. Available in 17”, 19”, and 21” frame sizes.


The Crosstown is a bike that provides a great riding experience. While the look is what jumps out at you first, it’s the ride that sells you on the bike. The geometry and sizing have been well thought out, resulting in a bike that you can ride for a few minutes or an hour with ease and total comfort. Effortless shifting and confident braking are commendable on this entry level version of this folding bike. The folding is surprisingly simple, one of the easiest out there. It’s obvious that the fold makes popping the bike in your car a breeze. That said, the secret surprise is just how easy the folding makes parking and locking this bike at your favorite cafe or pub, regardless of how busy the parking options are.


The Crosstown comes well equipped, though the unique design means it’s not easy to source fenders. I’d love to see them solve that issue straight from the factory. A tire and tube upgrade would make grip and durability a faultless companion to the design.


The ideal rider is a urban rider who loves to get out there – whether parking anywhere or throwing their bike in the car for out of town discovery


The Montague Crosstown is a modern design city bike with style. The ride quality gives the rider the desire to go farther, explore more, and find the undiscovered gems of their city.

This bike was generously put together by The Standard

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