Mozie Bicycles Hugo City Bike Review

As part of Momentum Mag’s 2014 City Bike City Life Look Book, Chris Bruntlett reviews Mozie Bicycles’ Hugo.

PRICE: $1,449


AVAILABLE IN: Limited number of U.S. shops. Ships to U.S. and Canada from website.


When it comes to city bikes, the Mozie Hugo is about as stylish as it gets. Its classic steel frame includes every accessory you could possibly need, including an oversized chrome dynamo-powered headlamp, three-quarter steel chainguard, steel fenders, bespoke leather saddle and handlebar grips, and rear rack with removable bungee cord. Rest assured, Hugo will turn heads on the street.


The front wheel-driven bottle-style dynamo system – while likely selected for its retro look and feel – is not the most functional light in the world. Not only does it make a great deal of noise when deployed, disturbing an otherwise smooth and quiet ride, but it also adds a fair amount of resistance to your pedaling. A hub dynamo would have made a much more practical choice.


This bike was definitely designed with the discerning, city-dwelling gentlemanly rider in mind. It is ideal for short jaunts to the shop, bar, or beach, and getting noticed along the way. Having seven speeds makes even the hilliest cities perfectly manageable. And its incredible flexibility means that longer, out-of-town expeditions become a possibility, with the addition of a pannier or two.


Overall, I found the Hugo to be a versatile and attractive addition to my biking lifestyle. It took me on journeys near and far in comfort, style, and ease. Aside from minor squabbles around the bottle-style dynamo, I would also have preferred the option of a step-through frame, and a more upright riding position (currently found only on Mozie’s women’s bikes).

This bike was generously assembled by The Standard.

Chris Bruntlett is the co-founder of Modacity, a multi-service consultancy focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film. @modacitylife

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