Notabag: The Reusable Bag Solution

An innovative upgrade to the reusable bag brings a punch of color while being portable and light.

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As places like Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and Telluride, CO, ban plastic bags, the reusable bag has become an important accessory. Adnan Alicusic, along with friend and fashion designer Ilaria Gregianin, came up with Notabag; a reusable bag that can be worn as a backpack, carried as a tote bag, and stored away in a compact pouch.

“The Notabag idea was born during a trip to the local farmers’ market. It was one of those situations that many can identify with: the grocery bag filled up very quickly and I still had to ride my bike home,” explained Alicusic. After months of prototyping and testing in Germany and Italy, the Notabag was born.

The Notabag is available in water-resistant, rip-stop polyester (€12), 100% cotton (€15), as well as a two toned polyester (€15) in a wide array of colors. Straps allow the bag to be carried as a backpack for riding while still being portable and light.

When asked how reaction to the Notabag has been so far, Alicusic said, “the reaction overall has been astonishing. It is a simple product and pretty intuitive – we always see the ‘duh, that makes sense’ reaction when we present it to the audience.”

Watch this video to see the Notabag in action!

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