NYNE Cruiser Bike Speaker Review

Momentum Mag reviews the NYNE Cruiser Bike Speaker.

PRICE: $79.95

FIND IT AT: nyne.com

The NYNE Cruiser wireless Bluetooth speaker, aka The Biker Buddy, is made for people on the go with handlebar or stroller mounts, integrated controls, and approximately 10 hours of run time. It comes in four snappy colors and pairs with ease using Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC “tap to pair” technology.


If your MP3 player or smartphone is running out of juice itself, you can use the Cruiser to recharge on the go with its built-in USB jack. An on-board microphone allows you to use this as a speakerphone, answering calls with one button while you ride.


The two handlebar attachments provide a stable platform, however the small tabs keeping the speaker mounted are not very robust and the speaker has rattled off our bike on a few occasions (notably going over railway tracks). However, no damage done as the speaker itself has a rubber coating along the edges.


Compared to some of the other wireless speakers that we have tested, the sound quality on this speaker is decent, but not remarkable. The volume is certainly loud enough for a small group ride, with clear vocals and mid-range sound, but the low-end is quite thin until you really crank the volume. The price point is excellent, one of the most affordable we have tried. The ability to charge your device via the speaker is a bonus. The NYNE Cruiser gets the job done, providing volume for those party tracks and ease of use to switch up your sounds on the go.

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