Opus Connect E-Bike Review

The Opus Connect easily adjusts to comfortably fit riders of varying heights and makes commuting and running errands easy and fun.

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Opus Connect Review

Find it at: www.opus.com
Price: $2899 USD / $3599.99 CAD

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Powered by the Shimano STEPS system, the Opus Connect makes commuting and running errands easy and fun. The mid-drive motor provides a power-assisted ride with a range of up to 77 miles (125km). The electric bike has three support modes: Eco, Normal, and High, which will assist until you’ve reached 20 mph (32 kmh). This 418 watt hour battery is fully recharged have in 4 hours or 80% in 2 hours. The rear rack and integrated light lets you carry more and worry less and make it city-bike approved. The Step-through frame makes it easy for any rider to enjoy this bike and also comes in three sizes to accommodate riders from 4’9” to 6’1”. The tool-free seat and handlebar adjustments make sharing a cinch. Made with triple butted alloy the Opus Connect weighs 46lbs.

I’ve got the whole family contributing to this review because as Opus intended, the Connect is perfect for sharing. When your dad and sisters battle for time on the electric bike you know you’ve got a winner. What makes this bike so perfect for multiple users of varying heights?

First, the step-through frame is suitable for any level of rider and even inspires confidence when in close proximity to pedestrians and automobile traffic. If you lose your balance it’s very quick and easy to dismount. Second, the Promax Adjustable stem allows you move around the position of the handlebars so it’s comfortable for anyone who rides it. No tools required so you can easily adjust it on the go. The faux-wood panelling really grew on me.

I would love for the next generation Opus Connect to find a new spot for the battery.  While keeping the battery low is thoughtful in terms of physics, as it does improve stability, it reduces the carrying capacity in half which makes my heart ache.  And if you are predisposed to not being able walk a straight line, like some folks in our office, the battery would often get lightly clipped when walking through doorways or swinging the bike around tight hallway corners

opus connect e-bike reviewSUMMARY
This Opus Connect is definitely worth the investment for two reasons; it reduced the number of trips typically taken by car increasing the amount of active time spent in my busy week and I found myself exploring new places that exist up hills without having to break out a sweat.  The bike worked great for everyone in the family and even my parents began to use it for trips they would have typically taken by car. Huge win! With the adjustable stem and seat, it was effortless to get into a comfortable riding position. Whether it was a quick trip to the store, coffee with friends, or organized sports we now had the ability to cover greater distance with less fatigue. Getting sweaty because of headwinds and hills felt like a thing of the past. Having to run out for groceries seemed less like a burden and more an opportunity to go for a leisurely bike ride and get some fresh air. However, there were times that we had to limit our grocery shops because of the restricted carrying capacity.

The Shimano STEPS motor is a pedal-assist system, which means the power is only applied when you’re pedalling. This helps to make the Connect feel and handle more like a ‘normal’ bike. The system is user-friendly and the controls are positioned so it can be operated easily with your thumb. Moving between the different support modes is smooth making the pedal-assist feel less artificial than some of the other electric bikes I have ridden. The powerful motor is quick to accelerate and even steep hills have a tough time slowing down this machine when set to high

The handlebar-mounted display lets you know the info that you’d expect from a bike computer as well as the support mode you’re currently on and the estimated range at current battery level. If you do run out of a battery the bike’s weight is definitely noticeable and any hill you summit without the assist should be considered quite the achievement. When pushing the bike along, especially when loaded with groceries or going uphill, the ‘walk assist’ mode is incredibly useful.

Overall it’s a good looking e-bike that accelerates smoothly and feels sturdy while the integrated light, fenders, rear rack and disc brakes make it perfect for year-round city commuting.

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