Opus Nuovella City Bike Review

Katie Millar reviews the Opus Nuovella, a classic-style aluminum-frame bike in antique blue-green.

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Reviewed by Katie Millar

Price: $840 CAD

Find it at: opusbike.com

This classic-style aluminum-frame bike in antique blue-green combines functionality with style. It comes with attractive brown leather hand grips mounted on upsweeping handlebars, a matching seat and a rear-mounted bike rack with a spring-loaded top ñ ideal for smaller items, such as a yoga mat. This bike has a comfortable seat for longer rides, and a frame that allows for a relaxed upright riding position.


The Shimano Inter-7 internally geared hub is extremely easy to use. The Shimano roller brakes are smooth, never catch and aren’t affected by rain. The rear rack allows room for bags and the front and back fenders and skirt guard protect you from spray and debris. The Nuovella rides like a Cadillac: durable, strong and smooth. Possibly the best part of riding the Nuovella is the numerous compliments given from onlookers around the city.


The Nuovella is fairly heavy, which would make this bike difficult to lift up stairs. I also wouldn’t recommend this bike for off-road use.

Ideal Rider

The Opus Nuovella would be perfect primarily for urban commuting, meeting up with friends at a pub or the beach and for taking a sunny ride on weekends.

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