Opus Rambler 24″ Kids Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Opus Rambler 24″ kids bike.

PRICE: $479.99 CAD

FIND IT AT: opusbike.com

The Opus Rambler features an Opus Aluminum Al-6061 frame, 21 speeds, color-matched fenders, rear rack, and swept-back handlebars. For children ages 8-12.


This bike has everything a daily bike commuter needs to make riding easy and comfortable. It has an upright position this is great for young and tender wrists, and the trigger shifters make it simple to change gears. The bike comes with fenders, necessary for cyclists who ride in rain or shine, and the rear rack includes a clamp, very handy for clipping extra bags or sweaters on when little bodies get too hot.


To make this bike perfect, it would be handy if it came with thinner tires. As is, they come with 26×1.5 mountain bike tires, which make road riding a little more difficult. Also, the bike does not come with a chainguard, meaning grease-stained pants.


This bicycle is ideal for young children who ride every day, whether to school, swimming lessons, or to the park with friends. It’s light enough to carry up a few stairs without a struggle, and getting up even steep hills is relatively easy. In flashy red, this bike will get you noticed, and the fenders and rear rack are essentials for all daily riders.


Overall, this bike is great. It is lightweight, easy to ride, and includes all the accessories needed to make city riding easy for young cyclists, including a kickstand, keeping the frame relatively scratch-free with even the roughest riders. The upright positioning allows you to see everything happening around them, keeping them safe and aware of their surroundings whether on the road or along a natural trail. This is an excellent bicycle for young children on their way to an adult bike.

Coralie Bruntlett is eight years old and lives in Vancouver, BC, with her mom, dad, and younger brother. She has been riding bicycles since she was two years old, and loves going for rides with her friends and family to the local beaches.

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