Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pants

Comfortable and sleek pants that are suitable for work, going out with friends and riding in the bike lane.

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$180 USD

Reviewed by Sarah Ripplinger

The first time someone paid me a compliment about my pants, I had to smile and tell them that they were actually cycling pants. “Really?” They asked. “Yes,” I said, adding that they also repelled rain and had pockets designed with the needs of the everyday cyclist in mind.

To be blunt, I haven’t found a flaw with these pants. I’ve been wearing them for months, and they still look brand new. I wear them to work, when I’m going out with friends and, of course, while I’m riding my bike.

The pockets are perfect for stuffing keys and other odds and ends in the rear, and aren’t bulky in the front, so you won’t be constantly adjusting them to return the circulation back to your legs. They’re also very flattering – perhaps another reason why I wear them so often. And they stretch like nobody’s business. So, I did find that I needed a couple sizes smaller than I normally wear.

I love slipping them on when it’s sprinkling, as I know that they’ll fend off the flying sprays. And even if they do get slightly damp, these gam-covers dry out really quickly.

The style has a tapered leg, so you won’t get the ends of your pants caught in your chain. The fabric is tough enough to take a beating and the Static Gray color I have masks any dirt and grime. An added bonus: most mud and gunk I have gotten on my Outlier pants just flaked off, to my ultimate pleasure and face-saving relief.

Quite simply, these are versatile and stylish pants. They’re worth every penny.



  • Jean

    Yoga jeans also work for cycling around town. Around $100.00. I also wear them to work since in our division they allow casual biz attire. There’s a bit of lycra in the jeans. The material is more the traditional cotton jean (with a tiny bit of polyester..that’s what lycra is made of –polyester.)

    Plum stores in Vancouver carries them. The manufacturer is based in Montreal, I think.

    There are other variations of semi casual pants for women, narrow boot cut. But I am picky. Outlier seems to have material that is slightly “slippery” for repelling dirt?

  • Victoria Levesque

    I love my outliers too, they can be worn day and day out and never seem worn out. Very comfortable on the bike.

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