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Peter White, co-owner and founder of Peter White Cycles discusses the growth of dynamo lighting in North America.

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Photo courtesy of Peter White Cycles

Photo courtesy of Peter White Cycles

“We offer products that make the practical use of the bicycle easier and safer,” said Peter White who may just be the dynamo lighting guru of North America. Based in Hillsborough, NH, White and his wife Linda are the distributors of a large range of products for those ready to make the switch to dynamo lighting.

White started his own business in 1988 and quickly discovered the world of dynamo lighting. Unsatisfied with the quality and selection then available in the US, White started importing parts from Germany. “I think what interested me most about dynamo lighting was that it was different and something new,” said White.

Since he first began importing dynamo products, Peter has seen a significant increase in commuters wanting to eliminate about the need for batteries or constantly charging their lights. In 1999, White was importing around 100 hubs. Now, 15 years later, they’re bringing in 1,500-2,000 a year.

How do you select a hub from the hundreds on offer? White strategically helps each customer take into account the type of bike they have, the terrain they will be riding on, the distance of their commute, what time of day they usually ride, and how seasoned of a rider they are. Weighing all of these factors, White will recommend the best hub for an individual’s dynamo lighting needs.

As someone who got his start as a kid “pulling bikes apart, playing with them, and making a mess in the driveway,” White has made a name for himself in the North American dynamo lighting community.


  • Theron

    I purchased a Busch & Muller fly headlight from Peter White cycles a couple of months ago and was so surprised how good it it is. The light is very – very bright, wide, with a long reaching beam that illuminates all road markers, signs and hazards. Very satisfied and will purchase another for my second bike.

  • Brian Bassett

    I spent over $6000.00 and 7 months of my time buying a bike from Peter White Cycles and didn’t get what I had ordered or what was paid for when the bike finally arrived un-assembled. Specific build lists were provided to both Peter White and his staff only to be disregarded or completely ignored. When the bike was received several parts were missing completely. When questioned about part pricing I received a mysterious “Magic Price Reduction” due to multiple overcharges on the invoice. After raising more questions about prices I received another “Magic Price Reduction” pf 10% for buying a “Complete Bike” even though it was neither complete nor assembled. Peter White will use old components to clean his shelves and if he does use new parts or components he will charge ridiculous mark-ups of as much as 100% or more. Don’t be surprised to spend 3 times the cost of a single spoke. When using PWC to get a Tout Terrain product (the only reason I HAD to put up with such incompetence) refuse to deal with them and ask for contact numbers and emails to contact the company directly. PWC does not belong to the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau and be advised he chooses not to recognize United States Military, Police, Firemen or other national heroes with any discount saying, “I don’t see why one job deserves recognition over any other.” Don’t expect honesty, integrity, focus or professionalism when dealing with Peter White Cycles.

  • Anne

    A couple of years ago, I was buying a new bike that I wanted to customize in a few respects. I wanted dynamo lighting as part of the package. I did some research. Peter White Cycles was the best, most informative U.S. source for dynamo lighting, so they got my business. I’ve been very pleased with the system I got.

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