Po Campo Introduces the Bike Share Bag

The Bike Share Bag is the perfect travel companion designed to work seamlessly with bike share baskets.

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The rapid growth of bike share systems both around the world and in cities across North America has introduced thousands upon thousands of people to the simple joy of riding to work or to countless other destinations.

While the PBSC bikes, those in use in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, and elsewhere, are designed with front baskets the narrow shape and tight bungee straps can squish or insufficiently secure some bags.

Maria Boustead of Chicago-based Po Campo has crafted a solution in a bag that works seamlessly with these bike share baskets. The Po Campo Bike Share Bag fits perfectly within the basket and integrated bungee straps allow you to securely fasten the bag without compressing the contents inside. The bag features a simple, unisex design and a water-resistant fabric with subtle reflective accents and handy pockets.

The Bike Share Bag is now available in the Momentum Shop!

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  • Jane

    I’ve been using my Bike Share Bag since it launched and I LOVE IT. It has made using the Divvy system a great deal easier.

    I needed something to haul my stuff that was fast and easy as I often need to to bike surf (aka, hop from one station to another in order to get to my destination). The BSB allows that to happen easily and seamlessly. It takes literally seconds to pop it on an off. I no longer need to fidget with the awkward bungees that come with the bike rental, nor do I need to worry about my bag falling off the rack due to the good engineering of the bag.

    I use it daily as my briefcase/book bag. I am abusive to the poor thing, but it still looks–and works–like new!

    Things I like: Tons of cubbies for storing stuff. Two zippered pockets (one inside, one outside). An adjustable shoulder strap. Reflective accents and piping throughout. Snaps on the sides that let it go from comfortably large to voluminous with a pop. Completely waterproof.

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