Polisport Bilby Jr Front Seater Child Seat Review

The Bilby Jr straddles the top tube and is easy to attach and remove.

Reviewed by Hartley Rosen

$69.99 CAD


Maximum carrying capacity: 33 pounds (15 kilograms)

As though it is floating in front of the rider, the Bilby Jr straddles the top tube of the frame via a very simple “fixation block” mounting system on the seat tube for easy attachment and removal of its metal brackets. The colorful seat has a typical bucket style format with safety belt and bar and foot rest straps.


The Polisport front seat was very comfortable for the child. It has a simple bracket system that is easy to install and attaching/ removal of the seat is straightforward. The safety bar and harness ensures child cannot get out. The ability to transfer seat from one bike to another if you had an additional “fixation block” is definitely a plus.


The seat does not sit quite high enough to prevent your knees from bowing as you pedal. One problem with the design (as it is installed on my bike) is that the turning radius is also compromised with the handlebars hitting the seat’s legs. Removal of seat and undoing harness was sometimes a bit clunky…when you are in a rush, the fixation block just doesn’t want to let go of the bracket. The seat feels a bit cheap and plastic-y.

Ideal Rider

Our 21-month-old daughter used the seat and loved it. It brought joy and freedom to her after several attempts in the classic rear mounted seat, which she barely tolerated. It was as though she became part of the ride as opposed to just being a passenger. Rated to a maximum 33 pounds (15 kilograms), the seat is appropriate for a child roughly 18 – 24/ 30 months.


Though not recommended for long rides due to the compromised knee bend while pedaling, it is a great seat for short, leisurely stints along the seawall, to the grocery store, and the bike shop where you can buy even more gear. It feels a bit cheap and plastic-y but it is certainly comfortable for the child and offers safety in both a belt and a bar. I also felt safe having her up front with me as opposed to in the rear. I could explain things that she saw going by, allowing us to connect while riding which just doesn’t happen when she’s staring at your back. The Bilby Jr has definitely converted me to a front-mounted child seat guy.

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