Professional Bike Style with Roger Petersen

Television anchor and report Roger Petersen shares his Professional Style with Momentum Mag.

Written by:

CityNews Tonight Anchor/ Reporter, Toronto, ON

What is your bike style?

Confident. Riding downtown, it is important to ride in a way that lets drivers know you are there. I will use the whole lane if I feel the area close to the curb is unsafe.

What do you wear while riding your bike to work?

From fall through spring I will wear my suits. The ride isn’t that long. If it gets really hot in the summer, the shorts and flip-flops come out and I throw my suit in a suit bag over the handlebars.

Why do you love riding your bike to work?

Quite simply it is the fastest way. It is also great fun riding downtown. It is the freedom of knowing you’ll never get stuck in a traffic jam or have to weave through crowds. Another bonus, there is always parking when I stop for my coffee at the Black Canary, the café at the Silver Snail Comic bookshop. Most importantly, I work evenings, so it allows me to get home quickly for dinner with my son.

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