PUBLIC Steps Into the E-bike Market with New Bikes

PUBLIC introduces BionX conversion kits and Stromer e-bikes to their stylish fleet of bicycles.

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San Francisco, CA-based PUBLIC recently announced their debut in the e-bike market with PUBLIC BionX and Stromer ST1 e-bikes. “I have become an addict, an evangelist, and a proselytizer,” raved Rob Forbes, PUBLIC’s founder, “I think these bikes are game changers, commute changers, and even life changers for some of us.”

For those looking for the benefits of e-bikes, but don’t want to sacrifice the classic look of an upright city bike, PUBLIC is now offering their classic mixte or diamond frame bikes, the M8i and D8i, with a BionX electric conversion kit. For $2,599 online, PUBLIC will assemble the complete BionX rear wheel, controller, throttle, and silver rear rack. The price also includes the cost of installation labor and additional parts for the conversion, plus a PUBLIC Double Kickstand for added stability. Bikes will ship 99 percent assembled, the battery is shipped separately. For existing PUBLIC bike owners, the M8i and D8i models can be converted to e-bikes for $1,700.

Excited to get people out riding on the new additions to their fleet, PUBLIC is offering test rides or overnight e-bike loans to customers in the Bay Area. For the month of October, PUBLIC is offering free shipping anywhere in the continental US on their new e-bike models.

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  • John Dee

    Ebikes need much better braking systems because they are heavier and are typically ridden a little faster. Public makes nice bikes but making them electric by adding the parts might turn out to be a bad idea.

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