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Meet style blogger Elizabeth Morrow.

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Momentum‘s Style Editor, Molly Millar, sits down with bike style blogger Elizabeth Morrow for a chat.

What emerging trends do you see in women cycling right now?

I’m seeing more girls wanting to ride bikes while remaining stylish, and wanting to wear their “regular” clothes while cycling.  I think it’s cool that people want to make riding bikes a part of their life but don’t necessarily want to be a part of a biking subculture or change their personal style because of their mode of transportation.  I’ve found that biking has never really kept me from wearing what I wanted to wear!

What three things do you never leave the house without when heading off on your bike?

At the moment: Mittens, my bag, and my rear light

What’s the coolest new piece of clothing, accessory or gear that you’ve seen this year? It can be related to cycling but doesn’t have to be.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a bag that I could wear while riding that was suitable for carrying my camera, laptop and a few other items.  I’m super picky when it comes to bags, they have to have all the right pockets and features, and for this bag, needed to be bike friendly.  I got this bag from ONA for Christmas and it’s been working great!

All time favorite bike ride?

Last february we had a huge snow storm and a bunch of friends had work off, so we all decided to go on a bicycle booze cruise in the snow.

More from Elizabeth Morrow at Delightfully-tacky.com


  • Sally

    life in plastic, it’s fantastic

  • Prue Sharma

    I ride my bike to work and as it is 7km’s, I wear a proper cycling outfit. For ages I was stuck wearing drab men’s clothing, that neither fitted correctly or made me feel feminine. Just last month I was told by a male colleague about a Swiss brand called Cervo Rosso that produces a female specific set of cycling clothing. I ordered it and have been wearing the tops and bottoms for the last 2 weeks. I actually feel comfortable and athletic in this attire. Looking at their website they do produce more hybrid type cycling clothing, but it seems predominantly for men.

    Anyway happy pedalling.

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