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Meet style blogger Erin Hagstrom.

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Momentum‘s Style Editor, Molly Millar, sits down with bike style blogger Erin Hagstrom for a chat.

What emerging trends do you see in women cycling right now?

I’ve noticed a lot more upright bicycles (mixte and dutch style) bikes on the road. I’m actually happy to see this trend because they’re much easier for riding around town because you don’t have to worry about leaning forward on your bike and revealing a bit more than you bargained for in the process! I find that you have a lot more options for wearing “everyday clothes” on these types of bikes, and anything that makes cycling more accessible is a good thing in my mind!

What three things do you never leave the house without when heading off on your bike?

A bike lock, a light (in case it gets dark before I return home!), and a helmet.

What’s the coolest new piece of clothing, accessory or gear that you’ve seen this year? It can be related to cycling but doesn’t have to be.

It’s not new this year, but I am obsessed with my Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pants. Chic and functional.

All time favorite bike ride?

Riding the Lost Coast in Northern California. It’s miles and miles of narrow road with hardly any cars and there is nothing more beautiful than riding out to the coast as the view opens up in front of you. Absolutely breathtaking, and a ride I will never forget.

More from Erin Hagstrom at calivintage.com

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