Reinvigorating Your Commute

Hanne Kohout, who turned 60 a year ago, was the perfect candidate for an electric bike.

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I had a hunch that my mother, Hanne Kohout, who had just turned 60 a year ago this December, was a perfect candidate for an electric bike.

She loves being active and when I was a child would bike around the neighborhood with me while I delivered newspapers. Still, she has always driven the 2.5 miles (4 km) to work because of a hill with a 15% grade on her way home.

In July, my mother began testing an IZip E3 Path from Currie Technologies. Since then she has biked to work every day, while adding only five extra minutes to her commute.

Since hopping on an e-bike three months ago she has lost weight (a full dress size), feels healthier (her joints are stronger and her varicose veins bug her less) and most importantly she is much happier.

“You can dress for your destination, arrive refreshed, happy and ready to go (you don’t have to worry about blush because rosy cheeks are included), and you don’t have to feel guilty about [not] working out because you’ve already exercised,” she told me. “It’s enabling, and it makes me feel really good.”

After some practice, my mom has learned how to control the power and speed of the bike so she still gets exercise, but doesn’t get too tired. What has pleasantly surprised her is that riding an e-bike to work has sparked a lot of new conversations. Her coworkers are curious, especially when they see her going 30 mph (50 km/h) down the hill to work, although my mom’s comfort zone is traveling at 6-12 mph (10-20 km/h).

“I just absolutely love it,” she said. “And I now look forward to my bike ride home.”


  • Christine

    What a great story to share. Thank you! I love how big your mom is smiling in this picture. I bet she is an inspiration to her colleagues and everyone who sees her on her e-bike.

  • Amy Walker

    Mia your Mom looks so happy on her bike! I love this story. Biking moms and their biking daughters rocking it once again ; )

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