Riderless Bikes are the Future of Urban Transportation

New tech startup RDRLESS is a next generation disruptor shaking up the sleepy cycling industry.

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Bike riding offers innumerable benefits to individuals and society – improved physical health, a cleaner atmosphere, decreased congestion – to name just a few. But when singing cycling’s praises from the rooftops, there’s always one small detail that its proponents conveniently neglect to mention. In order to reap the benefits of cycling, you have to actually ride the bike.

Fed up with the tedious slog of getting on a bike and pedalling the damn thing, entrepreneur “Bill Lindsey” invented the modern urban solution for reluctant urban cyclists: the riderless bike.

“When I would go to school I would look around I would see people riding their bikes everywhere. Uphill – sweating, difficult. Downhill – dangerous,” begins Lindsey in a hilarious new video from the CBC Radio’s satire program This is That. “I just thought, there has got to be a better way.”

Known for producing deadpan satire so convincing they once sparked a firestorm of outrage on social media and even fooled some other news outlets with one of their stories, This is That‘s latest clip does not disappoint. It perfectly parodies the inspiring, emotion-driven video ads that are the hallmark of the “disruptive” start up sector – right down to removing most of the vowels in their brand: RDRLESS.

Building on a similar self-driving bike spoof Google Netherlands ran this past April Fool’s Day, This is That takes it one step further by not only creating a bike that can drive you around, but eliminating the need to ride it all. Just plug your bike’s destination into the app, choose the time you’d like it to meet you there, then hop in your car and drive. The bike will take itself there! Brilliant.

“This is the future, this is where the planet is headed,” Lindsey continues. “It gives me goosebumps to imagine that one day our children will live in a world where no one has to ride their own bike. Ever again.”

Gear note: For anyone who’s thinking, “Great spoof, but where can I get that neat-looking bike in real life?” The total babe used in the video is a Detroit Bikes A-Type. You’ll have to pedal it yourself though 😉

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  • Jim

    Not sure why a writer for a cycling magazine doesn’t know the difference between “pedalling” and “peddling.”

    • Hilary Angus

      Oh boy, indeed, I usually do. Thanks for pointing that out Jim, careless error.

  • Tom

    “it gives me goosebumps to imagine that one day our children will live in a world where no one has to ride their bike.” did he really just say that???? Does this guy have any idea why people buy bikes?

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