Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen Bike Review

Chris Schroeder reviews the Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen.

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Lightweight butted heat-treated chromoly steel frame available up to 71 cm. Outfitted with Tektro side-pull brakes, 38 mm tires, Nitto front and rear racks, Albatross handlebar with bar end frictionless shifters, VP Thin Gripster pedals, and beautiful SKS Longboard fenders.


If there was ever an appropriate time to sing Doublemint jingles to yourself, this is it. Double your top tube, double your pleasure, and trust me, you’ll double your fun. If you’re looking for a bike to get you around town and be more than capable to take you out on the back roads all weekend, the A. Homer is for you.


Each bike is built to order, so there’s not much you could dream up that the Rivendell team couldn’t build. After riding the ultra-upright Albatross bars, I think that drop bars would be a better match for the mixed traffic streets and hills of San Francisco.


The A. Homer Hilsen is perfect for riders who have enjoyed a road bike in the past but want the best of comfort and quality. It’s not a racing bike, but it’s everything else.


Built to order with timeless style, the A. Homer Hilsen is for riders who wants to invest in a ride that will take you from touring to a daily commute. The steel frame boasts a double top tube to provide extra stability and if you’re tall, this luxury bike comes in your size.

Chris Schroeder is the director of sales and marketing for Rickshaw Bagworks. He has lived in the Bay Area for 13 years and developed a passion for bikes, plants, coffee, print design, and bags – and spends time working with organizations that foster community development like PaperGirl SF, the SFGMC, and SFMade.


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  • I have an AHH just like that. It’s a 69cm frame and I use it for commuting and for randonneuring. My only complaint is the sucker is heavy as hell. I can improve rolling efficiency with extra light casing tires (stampede pass from Compass Bicycles)… I use 700×32… but it’s still a bear to get up the mountains. That said, it’s a very smooth, comfy ride.

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