Sahn Helmet Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Sahn Helmet.

PRICE: $129


Sahn Helmets, designed in Vancouver, BC, have a sleek, understated look with an emphasis on style over speed. Perfect for the urban rider, these helmets feature a custom Swiss-made fit system and internal cooling channels. Available in S/M and L/XL in a variety of colors and textures.

Coming down the elevator of a downtown corporate office building in a classic matte black SAHN helmet sends a statement. Its modern industrial design sets you apart from your aerodynamic brethren who value lightweight efficiency over style-first design and durability.

At first glance, the SAHN gives off the feel of a World War I infantry helmet. With durable ABS impact plastic, sock absorbent EPS foam, and Drilex antimicrobial fit pads you are protected well in an urban context. At either 430 (M/S) or 460 (L/XLG) grams and even though it’s CPSC certified, you won’t want to be dodging mortar shells; looks can be deceiving.

Your first impression lingers but as you pay closer attention, the finer details become clear. A micro dial adjuster, fit pad set-up, and washable mesh lining offer the maximum comfort of modern technologies. The only wartime nuisance you may encounter is a chinstrap that won’t stay tight and adjusted up to your ears. You won’t get the feeling of slugging through the trenches with an internal cooling system that facilitates fresh air using limited touch-points. These little touches ensure a pleasant ride in any weather.

Launched in 2012 by Vancouver designers Matt Kelly and Sen-Huy Tan, SAHN helmets, available in a variety of glossy and matte pastels, offer the urban commuter style and substance that can truly set you apart.

Sean Elbe lives in downtown Vancouver. When he is not ripping around town on his Raleigh Port Townsend, Sean is working for the City of Vancouver’s economic development agency, advancing its mission to make Vancouver a destination for sustainable, creative, and innovative business.

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