Saris The Hottie Home Bike Storage Unit Review

Momentum Mag review Saris’ The Hottie Home Bike Storage Unit

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PRICE $259.99


Saris’ The Hottie Home Bike Storage unit holds two bikes, up to 35 lbs each.  It is a freestanding unit with an accessories shelf that provides additional space for bike gear or can act as a shelf. Its cushioned, adjustable bike cradles can accommodate different kinds of frames, and its wood face and aesthetic details add class.


This freestanding bike storage unit is really easy to put together. It’s nice to be able to store your bikes off the ground indoors without them skidding up your walls.


My biggest wish is that the storage rack would be available in white or gun metal, because I’m not personally a fan of a wood face like this home storage unit has. I would have preferred it if it could have attached or secured to a wall, also, and it didn’t work well for bikes with sloping top tubes.


This is a great addition to your home organization without the commitment of having to drill anything into your wall. I’d recommend it to people who rent or anyone with two light bikes (under 35 lbs. each) that aren’t always in use.


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