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Sophistication and technology come together with the first-ever Bluetooth integrated cycling helmet

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Sena Technology x1 cycling helmet

In 1975 the first real helmet for cyclists was invented. Padded with a foam-like material and wrapped in a hard plastic shell it is very much like the helmets we buy today. Crazy considering that was 42 years ago and little has changed.  Sena’s X1 cycling helmet is a different story though. Sena is breaking new ground by taking its world renowned communication and camera technology and packing it all into one sleek, safe and cutting-edge cycling helmet. While they are new to the cycling world we got to give Sena kudos for building a helmet that looks sophisticated and not quirky like many of the other technology advanced helmets we have come across.

While some may scoff at the idea of tech being integrated into every piece of gear it’s tough not to notice the ever increasing number of people riding with a smartphone in their hand and eyes glued to the screen. It’s only a matter of time before they collide with something or someone.  A helmet seems like a smart decision. A helmet that allows you to listen to GPS navigation or take a phone call hands free so you can stay focused on the road seems like a no brainer. Whether you’re commuting around the city or riding for recreation the helmet keeps you connected without impairing your hearing like earbuds do. Open-ear audio functionality means you can still listen for vital traffic cues on your commute into work.

Sena will be releasing two versions their cycling helmet: the bluetooth integrated X1, and the X1 Pro which is packed with all the features of the X1 with the addition of a QHD camera built into the centre of the helmet. A useful feature for liability purposes in sticky riding situations, especially for commuters.

We caught up with some of the folks at Sena and asked them a few questions so we could get to know them and the new X1 helmet a bit better. Thanks Sena!

MM: How long has Sena been in business?

S: Sena has been in business since 1998.

MM: How did Sena get started?

S: Sena started by creating Bluetooth communication solutions for industrial applications. Our company’s CEO, an avid motorcyclist, was tired of the lack of communication while riding and brought the industrial based technology to the motorcycling realm in 2010. Sena’s technological advances have made motorcycle riding safer and more enjoyable and we’re excited to offer that same opportunity to cyclists as well!

MM: Where is Sena based?

S: Sena is a global company with offices in the U.S., Germany, France, and South Korea, where the company was actually started.

MM: How long has Sena been creating bicycle helmets for?

S: 2017! The X1 is our flagship cycling product, which takes our proven technology from our best selling motorcycle products and packs it into a sleek silhouette perfect for the cosmopolitan cyclist.

MM: Can you tell us about the features that set the X1 apart from other bicycle helmets?

S: The X1 is fully Bluetooth 4.1 integrated, meaning it seamlessly connects to your smartphone so that you can hear music, GPS directions, take and make phone calls, and even listen to cues from your favorite fitness apps.  The helmet also includes intercom capabilities, so up to 4 riders can chat with each other up to a distance of over half a mile and share laughs or relay important information. The innovative cycling helmet is equipped with above-ear HD speakers to deliver pristine audio to riders while still allowing for complete awareness of your surroundings as the speakers aren’t actually covering your ears.  The microphone allows riders to make phone calls while riding and capture audio, using Sena’s patented Advanced Noise Control technology, which reduces incoming and outgoing wind noise.

MM: Is the helmet waterproof?

S: The helmet is water resistant meaning it can withstand just about any weather condition… we just wouldn’t suggest fully submerging the X1!

MM: How do you see the urban commuter using this helmet?

S: The urban commuter is a multitasker and the X1 allows riders to do just that. With the X1 the possibilities are endless, stream your favorite audio book during your ride downtown, take and make phone calls at the touch of a button, and look stylish and sophisticated all the while.

MM: What is the range of the intercom in the city?

S: The helmet has a working intercom distance of 900 Meters (0.6 Miles).

MM: Where and when will the X1 helmet be available for purchase?

S: The X1 will be available directly through along with various retailers.

MM: Besides for making hi-tech gear what else does Sena like to do?

S: We like to USE our hi-tech gear! We’re a bunch of motorcyclists, cyclists, dirt bikers, hikers, you name it. We’re passionate about the action and outdoor lifestyles and feel lucky we paid to test out these incredible products!

MM: Anything else we can look forward to in 2017 from Sena?

S: In addition to the X1 Cycling Helmet we are coming out with some new helmet designs at Interbike and Eurobike … so stay tuned!

MM: If Sena was a Season or a color what would you be?:

S: Spring as there is nothing better than getting back on your bike after a long and cold winter. The color red… we love a strong red.

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  • joe g.

    Just because we can stay in touch (not to be confused with communication) everywhere all the time…does not mean we HAVE to.
    take a break ride for fun
    Run to be free
    just ride

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