Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub DH-S501 Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub DH-S501.

PRICE $99.99 USD/ $107.99 CAD


As with anything that works well, I hardly notice having the Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub on my bike because it functions perfectly. I recently swapped out my front hub for a Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub so that I could take advantage of dynamo lighting. Now, two months later, I have found that my bike riding needs have simplified. Dynamo lights require a dynamo internal hub that fits onto your bike in order to power the fixed lights. I brought my bike to my local bike shop, where they picked out the Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub for me due to its known reliability and affordable price point. Within a few days, I returned to the shop and was pleased that I no longer had to deal with recharging or searching for my lights in my deep purse. If your bike doesn’t come with a dynamo hub, you will have to have your front wheel rebuilt with the dynamo hub so that you can power an amazing dynamo lights.

This product allows you to fully enjoy your ride around the city without having to care about maintenance or think about where your front and sometimes even your back lights are or whether they are charged. Saving two minutes each time I get on and off my bike has quickly converted me to a dynamo light kind of bike rider. Having the Shimano Alfine Dynamo hub installed on one of my bikes has simplified my riding needs by making biking effortless. It’s definitely an investment, but one that I would do over again in a heartbeat.

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