Sigma Sport Siggi Front Bike Light Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Sigma Sport Siggi front bike light.

PRICE: $29.99


Available in Black and White or Red and White, the Sigma Sport Siggi front bike light is visually attractive with a soft silicone bracket and integrated lithium-ion battery. A single LED provides 0.5 watt power. Rechargeable via a mini USB port. The two-level battery indicator also shows when charging is necessary. 3 modes: power, standard, and flashing. Run times provided by the manufacturer are 5 hours in power setting, 9 hours on standard and 8 hours flashing.


With a modern styling aesthetic and silicone mount the Siggi is not the typical utilitarian build of bike lights one usually sees. The battery indicator is super handy – warning when the light is down to 70 percent charge and then 30 percent charge so you’re never caught without light on the ride home. The handy micro USB connector charges the Siggi with the same charger and cable I use on my cell phone. This is the first rechargeable light I’ve seen with the newer micro USB instead of the older mini (which is being phased out). The lithium-ion battery lasts a long time, even when I’m using it on bright mode, and it charges quickly too.


While the styling was awesome, the angle of the lens makes it such that when I aim the light forward to be visible to cars/see the road in front of me, enough light shines in my eyes that it affects my ability to see things that aren’t directly in the light’s beam. In other words, Sigma, the only thing I’d like to see changed is less light spilling back towards my face. 


The Siggi is slightly more expensive than the average “no-name” bike light, but you get a stylish look and some sweet features that make it all worthwhile.

Tim Tewsley is a green building strategist with Recollective Consulting in Vancouver BC and a cycling instructor with HUB. Though he rides road and mountain bikes, he most enjoys his morning commute to work.

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