Simple Style with Tokyobike and New Balance Collaboration

Simplicity and iconic designs come together in a new sneaker and city bike collaboration.

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Being uncomplicated, functional, and attractive are what drives the design of tokyobike’s bicycles. The subdued yet attention grabbing colors on all of their models make looking good on the streets an easy task. With the added emphasis on comfort over speed, the tokyobike is an ideal option for commuting. The frames are light and agile for city movement and storage.

Another brand relatively new to the cycling for comfort movement is shoe manufacturer New Balance. Solid soles, lace solutions, and style are a necessity for a sneaker designed for urban pedaling. New Balance has recently released the C-Series collection, bringing their instantly recognizable style and adding a few bike-friendly features. These include reflective laces, high-density rubber in the forefoot, and a pocket in the tongue to hide away excess laces. The New Balance C-Series collection is an example of the next step that design can take to make urban commuting even more effortless.

Tokyobike is releasing a special edition CS model in collaboration with New Balance’s C-Series. The bikes feature stylish colors that compliment an effortless urban look with theC-Series sneakers. With both models were designed in and inspired by the city of Tokyo.

The New Balance C-Series are available at The TokyoBike LTD (CS) is available for pre-order at


  • Anne

    Like the shoe, but where is the NB Women’s version??? It is way past time for retailers to to realize that women bike too. MomentumMag, you could take a more vocal stand and mention this in your review as well.

  • Nina the bicycling Midwife

    WTF? C Series is ONLY available for men. Like women don’t bike? New Balance better move fast to fix this.

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