Single? There’s Now a Dating Site for Cyclists

Finding love on two wheels has never been easier.

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It seems like there’s a dating site for everything these days, so it comes as no surprise that someone finally launched one specifically for cyclists.

As the Telegraph reports, former professional bike rider and entrepreneur Kelli Salone has recently launched Ride2Love, a dating site focused on helping people who ride bikes find love, and a new riding partner.

“A lot of women were telling me they’d like to find a partner who they could ride bikes with,” Salone told the Telegraph. “And then my men friends starting asking whether I knew any single women who cycled….I thought, ‘there must be something in this’.”

Ride2Love matches up potential partners by comparing their lifestyle and cycling preferences. Users fill out a survey which covers everything from eye color to drinking habits to number and style of bikes owned. The survey also includes questions such as “What bike is in your garage that you would never sell?” and “Is there anywhere in the world that you have always wanted to ride?”

Salone realized that there was a hole in the market for a dating site which focused specifically on cycling, and allowed users to delve deep into the details of someone’s bike lifestyle to find a partner who could share their hobby just as easily as they could share a laugh. 

She points out that Ride2Love offers a solution to people whose previous relationships were burdened by disagreements over cycling. “So many marriages break down because one half is out on the bike all the time. Cycling is quite time-consuming – and it can also be quite lonely. People have realized that they want someone to enjoy it with.”

While the site does seem like it’s principal focus is on road cycling, the breadth of search options allows users to connect with somebody who shares their lifestyle, whatever that is.

“You can really get down onto the nitty gritty on Ride2Love,” she told the Telegraph. “You can say ‘I want to meet a roadie who’s up for trying mountain biking and dirt jumping’. I want it to be inspiring, to encourage people to go out and ride.

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1 Comment

  • Julie

    This is a wonderful idea! What would be more fun than a boring dinner talking and worrying about having a piece of spinach in a tooth! Moving our bodies is the best way to get to know one another.

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