Specialized Daily and Turbo Bicycles

For 2015, Specialized adds dynamo lighting to their city bike range.

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Specialized is known for the focus on sport and speed. Over the years, the brand has released several generations of track, road, and mountain bikes. “We would actually say that ‘performance’ is at the forefront for us, no matter which class of bikes we’re designing,” said Katie Sue Gruener, Global PR Manager for Specialized. “We try to be as in tune with that rider as possible, so we can design a bike that offers the highest performance for their needs. So, the message in our marketing stays pretty consistent – highlight the innovation that makes our bikes higher performing than the competition; what changes is just the placement and the riding style we’re conveying.”

Though the urban lifestyle aspect of the company isn’t often in the spotlight, and is found under the “Multi-Use” category on their website, the brand’s 2015 line-up features some impressive options for the everyday cyclist.

The Daily line of city-oriented bikes offers a range of seven models. The top-of-the-line Daily Comp Step Through ($1,499 USD) features dynamo lighting (both front and rear), and internal-gear hub, full fenders with mudflaps, a partial chainguard, and an innovative Racktime rear rack with an integrated light. This rear rack solves the issue of cargo blocking a rear light, essential for the everyday rider. Utilizing Specialized’s characteristic aluminum frame, the Daily Comp Step Through is light enough to carry up stairs if needed.

Designed for speed and the city is Specialized’s e-bike the Turbo ($3,800 USD), with a pedelec motor (no throttle) and maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). This bike brings with a speed designed road bike influence from Specialized’s long racing history. The motor is mounted to the rear hub and paired with wide tires to accommodate high speeds. “We’re always working on exciting new projects, and anticipate the e-bike market will continue to grow, but that’s about all we can say!” said Gruener.

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