Spiran Bike Design by People People

Swedish industrial design agency People People has constructed a prototype for the Spiran bike; an elegant, modern single-speed city racer.

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Find something good and make it better; that’s what the designers at Swedish industrial design agency People People have set out to do. After examining the popular Kronan bike, People People have aimed to “[reinvent] a classic,” by creating a sleeker, modernized “sibling” of the Kronan bike, the Spiran bike.

“In everything from the frame to the leather details, we wanted to use only genuine materials that would not only last a long time, but also age with grace,” elaborated People People on the Spiran bike. Taking inspiration from old Swedish post and delivery bikes, Spiran’s chrome, streamline frame speaks to simplicity while also introducing innovative technical details. People People saw the bike lock as a cumbersome accessory, so in Spiran’s design the bike lock is integrated into the metal-framed front basket. Flipping around from the bottom half of the basket, two metal components can lock around a lamppost or the Spiran’s front wheel to lock it in place. The designers also chose to use a carbon fiber belt instead of a complex, time-demanding chain, to power the one-speed bike, making for a quieter, smoother ride.

With the design finalized, People People are in the process of sending Spiran’s design to different Swedish bicycle brands, Kronan included, and so far the feedback has been positive. “At this point, however, we haven’t decided what the optimal destiny is for this design,” explained Per Brickstad, one of the studio’s designers, “After we’ve decided on a production partner we will make the final design adjustments and at that point [construct] a sample bike.”


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