Spotlight on Bicycle Fashion Designers – Greenlite Heavy Industries

Michael McGuffin’s men’s casual cycling wear focuses on making a useful product, using the best materials available, asking a fair price and doing as much as possible locally.

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Spotlight: Michael McGuffin

Men’s casual cycling wear.

Founded 2011 | Seattle, WA

The seed that eventually became Greenlite Heavy Industries, Michael McGuffin’s Seattle, Washington-based apparel line, was planted a few years ago during lunch. A friend who was working with the suburb of Bellevue to help the city become more bike-friendly wanted to show up to meetings on her bike, but not while wearing Lycra. “I listen more to my heart than I do to my head,” said McGuffin. “My heart said, ‘Make a useful product, use the best materials available, ask a fair price and do as much as possible locally,’ so that’s what I did.”

“My vision for the company is quite simple: make good stuff and make it here in Seattle, because that’s what feels right,” said McGuffin. Cut and sew is contracted with Tarboo Inc., a small manufacturer located in downtown Seattle. Sales, marketing, website development, sourcing, accounting, inventory control, delivery, and sign painting is all handled by McGuffin in an effort to keep the company self-financed.

The G1 Pant is the genesis of Greenlite Heavy Industries. The pant, made of wind, water, and stain resistant Schoeller Dryskin, features the D-Greaser cuff, a patent-pending three-snap solution for keeping the hem free from bicycle chain grease. “There is no use in crafting a carefully made product out of inferior materials,” said McGuffin.

“I’m working on a really clean simple riding shirt and a super cool jacket,” said McGuffin of future plans for Greenlite Heavy Industries. “Both will be classically designed and manufactured from beautiful, functional fabric.” While the 3Quarter Pant is very popular with female riders, McGuffin also hopes to add a women’s line.

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