Stockholm is Building a 700-Unit Bike Parking Garage

In collaboration with Belatchew Architects, the modern, central parking garage caters exclusively to bicycles.

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Image courtesy of Belatchew Architects

Image courtesy of Belatchew Architects

When Stockholm planning commissioners began developing the layout of a new parking garage in the city center, they weren’t thinking of cars. Like many cities worldwide, Stockholm suffers from congestion, so continuing to build car-centric infrastructure in the already crowded city center simply didn’t make sense. Partnering with Belatchew Architects, the city has now put the plans in motion for a 700-unit parking garage that caters exclusively to bicycles.

“A car park requires very large surfaces for access and ramps only used by cars,” said Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, CEO of Belatchew Architects. “The number of cars/ people per meter squared is fewer than when parking bikes, which means the flow of people is too small to generate any other activity except just parking a car. With bicycles on the other hand, and the 700 in particular, there are great possibilities of creating opportunities for activities like bike repair shops or smaller cafés which in turn make a neighborhood more lively and safe since there will be people around.”


Image courtesy of Belatchew Architects

The project is still in its early stages of development, but it is being planned as a lively, aesthetically pleasing unit that contributes to the overall vibrancy of the community. The garage will be attached to a residential building where, due to its urban location, none of the residents are expected to own cars. For weekend trips or holidays, there will be car-sharing solutions.

The garage will be located next to a train station and include multiple access points from the street, adjacent bike path, and park. The doors slide open, allowing people to easily ride in, and the large windows on each level bring in light and facilitate visual communication between the interior and exterior, further contributing to a sense of safety in the community. The garage will also feature showers and lockers, allowing long-distance commuters the ability to quickly change and hop on the train when they arrive in the city.

“All around the world, the trend is clear that city planners are looking for alternatives to cars since large cities are suffering from congestion and pollution,” said Lerdell. “Bicycle is one such alternative and I am sure we will see many more bike parks in the future.”


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