Take a Ride with Osloh Bicycle Jeans

Shawn Drayton’s Osloh jeans, pants, and shorts are designed to be functional, durable, and stylish for the cycling commuter.

“We’re on a journey to make the perfect bicycle jean, pant and short,” gushed Osloh’s Founder Shawn Drayton in a preview video for their Kickstarter campaign, which launched on October 10, 2013.

Drayton understood the wear and tear that everyday clothes can endure with daily commuting. As Drayton stated, he “was compelled to create something that would enhance and compliment the ride.” Function, durability, and style were the three components that Drayton felt he personally wanted in a pair of biking-specific jeans. Combining these elements lead him to design Osloh’s products. Using quality denim that stretches with your body when cycling and is finished with an antibacterial coating to repel odor, the Osloh jean was born. Multiple reinforcements have been constructed into the jeans and are being added to pants and shorts in areas that experience a lot of wear: the crotch, seat, calves, and pockets. Branded with signature purple pockets, logo hardware, and pocket embroidery, Osloh’s clothing features the attention to detail of a passionate designer.

To move into production, Osloh has taken to Kickstarter to raise at least $30,000 by November 9, 2013. To reward early buyers, Osloh’s Kickstarter is offering discounted pricing on pants, jeans, and shorts. “We have the capacity to do much more,” Drayton promised “[and] with your help we will.”

For more information visit Osloh’s Kickstarter page or Osloh.com

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