Tanya Dueri and Jeanne Eisenhaure of Bike Stylish

Bike Stylish: a website with the aim to prove you can look as great on your bike as you do off.

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Photo courtesy of Bike Stylish

Photo courtesy of Bike Stylish

To promote commuting by bike, Jeanne Eisenhaure and Tanya Dueri have started Bike Stylish: a website with the aim to prove you can look as great on your bike as you do off. Through photographs, shared tips, and success stories Bike Stylish is the duo’s platform to “promote cycling as fun, attainable, and even aspirational.”

Eisenhaure, an entrepreneur and owner of the marketing agency 23 Sons, started a small Instagram project in the summer of 2013 to show friends how to look both professional and stylish while commuting to and from work by bike. Each day, Eisenhaure took a photo of her outfit. The project becaume and article for the online magazine Elephant Journal. “The response I received was fantastic – from those being inspired to hop onto their bikes for their commute to others who had a flurry of questions as to how I actually got around in some of my outfits,” said Eisenhaure.

Dueri, a freelance photographer who grew up on a banana seat bicycle in Northern California, shares Eisenhaure’s excitement for capturing the fun of the biking lifestyle. “I loved the project and suggested we do a photo shoot together in Denver. We had so much fun shooting that day and realized Bike Stylish need to be something more,” explained Dueri.

Since early March 2014, Dueri and Eisenhaure have been exhibiting their peers’ excitement for being on their bikes through beautiful photographs and inspiring content. “I see Bike Stylish as a sort of Trojan horse for positive environmental and social behavior change,” explained Eisenhaure.

Eisenhaure and Dueri hope to continue to spread the word through shared content, photos, and videos that bikes are fun, sexy, and stylish.


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