“That Bike Show,” the Pedal-Powered Talk Show, Hits the Bike Path

That Bike Show is a pedal-powered talk show bringing the love of bikes on the road.

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Here at Momentum, we have been tracking the sudden emergence of a mysterious everybikeman, with the odd name of Simon Spokes, an equally odd-looking cargo bike, and an amusing new web series celebrating all things cycling called That Bike Show.

With That Bike Show (TBS), Spokes is taking his love of all things bicycles on the road (or bike path) in a retrofitted cargo bike for a two-wheeling talk show. “It’s a celebration of all things cycling, kind of a lifestyle show for bike enthusiasts,” says Spokes. “Our videos feature two-wheeled interviews, bike news, gear reviews, affable advocacy and miles of cool cycling surprises.”

We sat down with this intriguing character to discuss his inspiration, his future plans, and of course, cargo bikes.

MM: What was your inspiration for starting the show?
SS: I was fascinated by the growing Cyclepreneurs movement in America and the number of pedal-powered businesses popping up in NYC. I wanted a bike biz of my own, but didn’t see myself as a cycling food purveyor or a bike-based window washer. Then one day a friend said, “Hey, Simon, would you please stop talking,” and a light bulb went off —I could start a talk show on a bike!

MM: Do you have cycling in your blood or something?
SS: Pretty much. My father was a Schwinn salesman from Brooklyn, NY and my mother was a bike manufacturing heiress from Dayton, Ohio. I spent my early years riding in the front basket of my mother’s classic roadster. I started riding two-wheelers when I was 3 ½ and owned 26 bikes by the time I was in the 8th grade. In high school, I spent summers in my father’s shop hand-embossing license plates for children’s bicycles. I’m credited with adding the names Juju, Zuly and Dagon to the list of popular kids’ bike plates. My love of cycling started early and has never stopped. That Bike Show is the realization of a lifelong cycling dream.

MM: Can you tell us a bit about the bike used on the show? It’s got to be the first of its kind!
SS: You’ll see cargo bikes with freight boxes on them, but nothing like the TBS bike desk. We went to master frame builder Jared Madsen of Madsen Cycles in Salt Lake City, UT who retrofitted his stock cargo bike with a steel cage to support the rear-mounted desk. When the bike came to New York, it went to the the East Village shop of DIY YouTube star Jimmy DiResta for a couple months. Jimmy designed, fabricated and assembled the desk and built my unique ride with a trap door and custom license plate. He’s a super talented guy.

MM: That’s quite an outfit. Another first?
SS: Sure is. We call it the Simon Suit and it’s an original creation by New York clothing designer, Alex Lee, who also co-founded the fashion brand, XXBC. The suit combines common elements of cycle clothing—a racing stripe around the chest, three gear pockets in the back, and reflective piping—with a traditional fitted sports jacket. It’s casual, comfortable, and works great when I’m in the saddle.

MM: We’ve been singing your theme song around the Momentum office. Very catchy.
SS: Haha, thanks! We think the title song captures the excitement we all share about cycling, and we’d love to see it become an anthem for cyclists. It was written and performed by a singing sensation in NYC named Annika Bennett. She was only 17 when she put the song together. She’s now a student at The Clive Davis School of Music at New York University and performs all over town.

MM: How is it riding that mega-cargo bike on the streets of New York?
SS: A challenge. The bike is over 8-ft long with a tail that extends past the rear axle. That makes it a little unstable, but … the show must go on. Luckily, the city has added 250 miles of bike lanes over the past 10 years and lots of them are protected. So getting to most of our shoot locations involves staying in the green lanes and shouting “Get out of the way!” a whole lot.

MM: What can we expect to see on the show in 2016? Any exciting guests?
SS: We scored a huge interview over the holidays with the real Santa. We also have a list of 100 NY celebs who love cycling and who we hope to have on the show this year. We plan to have a big presence at the Bike Expo New York in May. And there will be a big political announcement by the Third Wheel Party in the coming months that is going to involve Simon and the show.

MM: Looks like Momentum is going to have an ongoing role on That Bike Show?
SS: Well I couldn’t stand thinking of all that awesome, new cycling gear sitting around your offices not being shared with my viewers. So Editor-In-Chief Mia Kohout has agreed to do sneak peek product releases for our regular gear review segment.

MM: How can Momentum readers ride along with That Bike Show?
SS: Easy. Check out our website at thatbikeshow.com. Or go to our YouTube channel. It’s the Year of the Bike, you know, so let’s ride!

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  • Carol

    Sounds like a knock-off of Pedal Powered Talk Show out of Portland! Check out PedalTalkShow.com for the original guys!

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