The Bike Month Fashion Project

Throughout Bike Month 2012 Jess Mathews chronicled every outfit she biked in. Her goal; to demonstrate that one shouldn’t feel the need to wear one outfit while riding and then change into another when you’re finished

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Consider Biking’s Safe Routes to School Manager, Jess Mathews, wants you to know that any clothing is cycling clothing.

To prove her point, Mathews took a photograph of what she wore when bicycle commuting throughout May, one for every day of Bike Month 2012.

“I’m very passionate about getting more women comfortable riding and navigating our city roads,” said Mathews on her web site Cbus Cycle Chic. “I am also passionate about wearing everyday clothing while riding your bike. One shouldn’t feel the need to wear one outfit while riding and then change into another when you’re finished. Bicycling should be as easy and 1-2-3…. dress for your destination, not the journey.”

One of the reasons why many are timid to try bicycle commuting in everyday clothes is the prospect of arriving at work sweaty. “If you take it easy and ride your bike at a leisurely pace instead of 22 mph,” said Mathews, “then chances are you’ll roll into work and not be sweaty.”


  • Ladyfleur

    Nice shots! Last year I did a similar project for the three weeks leading up to Bike to Work Day. It was part of a “Dress Up Challenge” from the San Francisco Bike Coalition. You can see my photos and some background on the challenge here:

  • Brad Hoehne

    That’s a fun outfit. I wish I could wear my work and “going out” clothes on a bike. Alas, though I keep fit, even the tiniest amount of exertion on a bike leads to socially unacceptable amounts of perspiration in very short order. I’m envious of anyone who can do this.

  • Jess Mathews

    Thanks everyone. Obviously, the main purpose was just to continue to show that the bike is a tool and you can look stylish 🙂 The pencil skirt… so, whenever I wear skirts, I ALWAYS wear a pair of my ‘tri’ shorts. You can’t tell I have them on and they are super duper comfy. You ride passed all kinds of people and some of them always want to share their opinion so I’m always prepared with my ‘what-nots’ being covered:)
    With the pencil skirt, since I have shorts underneath, I literally just hike it up a bit, mount my bike and that’s that. The skirt obviously forms to you so once I’m on the bike, it really doesn’t move. Hopping off my bike, I just hike it up again, tilt my bike to an angle and then swing my leg (quickly :)) from the bike. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  • Krissi

    @Lisa – My rule of thumb is: if you don’t like it, don’t look.

    I have bigger issues with wearing clothes out faster (i.e. my seat) on bike. Otherwise, I’m dresses all day, every day.

  • C

    I too am curious about the pencil skirt. I bike to work in professional work clothes and have limited my wearing of pencil skirts. Tell us how you do it!

  • Diane

    Great idea! Love the outfits and the originiality. What fun!

  • Lisa

    I cycle in ‘regular’ clothes everyday, and I see no reason not to. My usual attire includes dresses and skirts as often as trousers.
    However, I am wondering, how to you manage in the pencil skirt with a horizontal crossbar? Surely that is a bit inelegant to mount/dismount, no?

  • Melissa

    I must know: how do you get on and off the bike in a straight skirt? I’m sure I would be showing my undies if I did that.

  • Hutch

    I biked to work in a dress and leggings today! I take it slow to reduce the sweat factor but also have ShowerPills handy in case I want to freshen up. Check it out:

  • Tracy Lane

    Love the Bianchi. You are rocking with style girl, and It’s good to see it being put to good use. I too ride a bike to live, to the store, the gym, dinner with my father, to work. It’s not just a toy, it’s a tool for modern survival.

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