The Discerning Cyclist

The Discerning Cyclist is a blog with the primary goal of promoting stylish clothes that people can cycle in.

Who says lunch breaks can’t be productive? Ste Johnson and Peter Reynolds, founders of The Discerning Cyclist, came up with the idea for this widely successful blog over many a shared lunch breaks. The Discerning Cyclist is a blog with a primary goal to promote stylish clothes that people can cycle in.

Johnson was the office’s token cyclist. He is known for arriving by clomping through the office front door after his two-hour commute to work, head-to-toe in “Lance Armstrong” gear and bulging backpacks.

Reynolds, on the other hand, liked the idea of cycling but was put off by the idea of dressing entirely in Spandex. Instead of having to bring a spare change of clothes to work, he found that he often opted for public transit and driving instead.

During busy lunch hour discussions about cycling clothes, a conclusion was eventually reached: Johnson and Reynolds both wanted stylish clothes that they could cycle in. From this agreed starting point most people would head off to the pub for a celebratory drink, but not these two. They wanted to share their realization with the world and, in late August 2012, The Discerning Cyclist was born.

The idea was a simple, yet transformative one. To create a blog that promotes clothing that meets the requirements of looking sleek while still being able to endure long commutes. The Discerning Cyclist also provides honest, impartial reviews of the garments they have chosen to highlight.

With Johnson’s colorful and creative illustrations accompanying the material on the blog, people flocked to the site and The Discerning Cyclist quickly gained a huge Twitter and Facebook following. Then, in May 2013, they launched an online catalog showcasing the best products available and allowing visitors to the site to purchase the items directly from the retailers.

When asked what the best thing about being the creative talent behind The Discerning Cyclist, Reynolds replied that it’s the satisfaction he gets from being able to express himself through writing and curation. The worst? “Well, right now, it’s the hours. Both Ste and I have full time jobs and then we come home and put in another few hours into the blog,” Reynolds said.

What’s next for The Discerning Cyclist? For one thing, more content by getting more people reviewing clothes and products.


  • Rebecca

    Articles under Trending Now…. were those in a past Momentum Magazine?

  • Michele

    I think those clothes look nice but they still don’t look stylish to me. Stylish means you can take them from the bike to the brunch, from the saddle to the supermarket , from the handle bars to the wine bars

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