The Giro Reverb Helmet Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Giro Reverb Helmet.

PRICE $60 USD/ $60 CAD


Giro’s Reverb helmet is easily adjustable with an elastic “Autolock” system and a ,-mold Polycarbonate shell. Includes a removable visor. This helmet is CPSC certified and available in sizes S-L in 11 different colors.


It’s retro! Like the original Giro Air Attack Greg Lamond wore in 1985 but with a modern “cool factor.”


A snugger fit would be nice and a few more air vents.


This helmet is lighter and much cheaper than you might expect. While it is decidedly retro in its design, it is most definitely of the year 2013! The 9 vents work very well and kept my head from getting too sweaty and when the weather changes a cycling cap fits snugly underneath.

Mike Shellard has been riding a bike as his primary mode of transportation most of his life without noticing it. He became a “cyclist” after moving to Vancouver in 2001. @normalbikes

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