The Tern Perch: A Small Space Solution

Tern has recently introduced their small space solution with the Tern Perch, a bicycle wall mount.

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When it comes to living and working in smaller spaces, finding space efficient ways to store bikes is in high demand. Tern, no stranger to space-saving devices as the maker of an array of folding bikes, is now offering a minimal but versatile aluminum wall mount for bikes.

The Tern Perch is made from a single piece of strong aluminum with a refined matte finish and two rubberized grips that hold a seatpost or frame. Once mounted to the wall, the Perch can hold bikes with handlebar widths up to 25.5 inches (64 cm) and that weigh up to 40 pounds (18 kg).

The simple design features no latches, straps, or catches, requiring you to just lift your bike and position it snugly within the rubberized grips. For shared storage places, such as a bike room at an office, or to simply keep housemates from taking off on your sweet ride, a round slot in the Perch allows you to secure your bike to the mount with a chain or U-lock. This handy slot can also be used for attaching a helmet, hanging clothing, or for keeping accessories like extra lights nearby.

The Perch comes with full mounting hardware for wood and concrete walls.



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