The Winter Cycling Congress Arrives in The Twin Cities Next Week

The Congress hopes to break down real and perceived barriers to cycling through the snowy months.

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The Winter Cycling Congress, a professional development event designed to unite a diverse group of people who share a vision of increased biking and walking through winter, is taking place in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, from February 2-4, 2016. The Twin Cities, which are home to a strong bicycling community despite long, chilly winters, are the perfect place to showcase the numerous benefits of continuing to stay active outdoors through the colder months.

Now in its fourth year, the Congress brings together stakeholders and thought leaders from many areas, including bicycle and pedestrian planning, Safe Routes to School, civil and traffic engineering, public works, urban design, landscape architecture, public health, journalism, the arts and many other areas. It features a series of formal lectures, discussions, workshops, and fun events such as winter bike parades and bike trivia, all focused on the exchange of ideas and best-practices for how to promote the numerous health, wellness, and community benefits of cycling through the winter.

Workshop and lecture include topics such as “Supporting and designing active communities in small towns and rural regions,” “Street design for winter cycling,” and “What’s cold got to do with it? Changing perceptions about winter biking.”

The Congress is a project of the Winter Cycling Federation, a foundation established in 2013 to promote winter cycling worldwide. It seeks to address the real and perceived barriers that prevent people from biking through the winter in order to help more individuals and communities realize its many benefits.

Last minute registration is still available until January 28 here for anyone in the Twin Cities region, or stay tuned for updates on the Congress from the Winter Cycling Congress’ website and Twitter.

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