Top 5 Symptoms of Bike Love

You may be in love with bikes if you display these common symptoms.

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  • Megan

    Yes, me too. Kaye nice to see another Kiwi on here. I am working 2 days a week in a bike shop and love it (mostly). It’s an *expensive* place to work, though, surrounded by shiny toys!! Can I add to that holidays involving bicycles having just survived a cycle tour of the Catlins with a prevailing headwind that culminated in head and side gusts over 90km at times – pedalling down inclines in the granny ring!!!

  • shana mcknight

    it would be great to run a bike shop. my friends come to me anyway for advice and tweaks. some people like to go to the mall to hang out and browse, i like to go to the bike shop to hang out and browse

  • kaye hill

    that’s me, i ran away from christvchurch after the earthquakes and i know how a bike shop that sells wicked accessories and great coffee.

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