Trail Rail 230 LM Single Light Handlebar Bike Light Review

A 230 lumen, single LED light and solid mounting system.

Trail Rail 230 LM Single Light Handlebar Mount System

Price: $165.00 (on sale)


A 230 lumen, single LED light that mounts securely to bicycle handlebars using the Trail Rail aluminum mount system. With three levels of brightness and two flashing modes, this rechargable light works as a permanent fixture on your bike.

Tell Your Friends: The incredibly solid mounting system will integrate with other Trail Rail products and is available in a variety of mounting diameters. Adds some distinctly quality flair to your handlebar. Bright illumination in a focused beam.

Wish List: A quick-release would be convenient for easy use off of the bike (camping, looking into a dark pannier, etc). Since reviewing, Trail Rail has released a compatible quick-release mount ($44.00).

Ideal Rider: Adventurous riders who prefer a more permanent light system to never be without illumination.

Overall: The Trail Rail suite of products are serious business. All designed and machined from 6061-T6 aluminum in their Massachusetts facility, they look sleek and are very nice to the touch. They are also nearly indestructible for these same reasons. Starting with a handlebar mount, you can easily add GPS, mobile phone, or camera platforms.

Night riders have a range of lighting opportunities with double and quad set ups available. For city riding, one light is plenty, two if you travel through very dark streets. The single light provided in this package resembles a small flashlight and delivers a tighter beam than many other bike lights. The light is rechargable, but you do need to remove the 3800MAH battery and use the included wall adapter to charge.

The integrated system is really the key here – no matter where or what you want to attach, Trail Rail will more than likely have a set-up to work for your bicycle. Trail riders, touring cyclists, and day to night commuters inclusive will find this appealing, especially if you use other gadgets and devices as you ride.

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