A Bike Trailer for Everything

5 bike trailers for whatever kind of cargo you’re pulling.

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Woman biking with child in trailer

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers

Wike Bicycle Trailers is an interesting company, and one that not many people know much about. So we figured we’d introduce you. Beginning in 1993, Wike began making bicycle trailers at their shop in Ontario, Canada, and has remained the only direct-to-consumer bike trailer company in North America. Dedicated to making it as easy as possible to carry your entire life by bike, Wike has since expanded their line of bicycle trailers to be able to carry, well, basically everything. Wike has been a longtime supporter of Momentum Mag, and we love the company’s dedication to the bike-everywhere lifestyle, so to celebrate this unique company, we’ve picked 5 trailers you may find interesting.


Wike Wagalong Pet Trailer, Blue and Yellow

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers

Wike Wagalong Pet Trailer

Price: $325.00

Our pets are part of the family. Bike your dog to the mountains for some hiking, or roll that furry friend to the beach. The Wike Wagalong is designed for pets under 30lbs (though if you own a larger pet, there is a Large Wagalong option). The trailer is made for smooth and stable transportation, with plenty of room, accessories and safety features – such as a restraining adjustable leash attached at the rear – just for your pet. The trailer is rounded off with a thick cushion so your dog can snooze-along while you do all the hard work.


Wike Kayak Cart

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers


Wike Kayak Cart

Price: $115.00

What, you thought you needed a truck to transport a kayak? The Wike Kayak Cart rolls on bicycle wheels just like you – very easy to pull. The trailer is made from a folding aluminum frame and 16″ bike wheels which can be removed quickly for storage.



Wike Softie, Kids trailer

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers

Wike Softie

Price: $599.00

No bike trailer list would be complete without a kiddie trailer. The Softie has plenty of room for two children and their toys, to make cycling a family affair. This design also includes the “Wike Folding System,” allowing the trailer to fold flat instantly in only two seconds. Removing the wheels to place them inside takes an additional five seconds. The Softie includes two bike hitches.


Wike City Shopper

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers

 Wike City Shopper Grocery Trailer

Price: $250.00
Forget about finding a parking spot or fighting for a grocery cart. With the City Shopper you can park next to the door, trail the trailer in, and bike home from the grocery store without unloading and reloading into your trunk. The trailer has plenty of space and a 75lb carrying capacity.



Large Special Needs Wike Trailer

Photo courtesy of Wike Bicycle Trailers

Large Special Needs Trailer

Price: $820.00

The Wike Large Special Needs Bicycle Trailer is a perfect solution for involving all loved ones in the bike riding fun. The canopy of the trailer is retractable for easier in and out transfer, and allows for many support combinations to customize to your child’s needs. While the Large Special Needs trailer is safe for children up to 34lbs, the extra large version can accommodate up to 44lbs.


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  • I’ve been contemplating bike options for our preschooler, but the option of taking it on hikes isn’t one we’d even thought of. Great post! I like the idea of a balance bike and Strider is a great option because our girl plays hard and I want something durable that her little brother can use in a couple of years when she outgrows it. If we had one, we’d use it in the city on walks to the park or in Fish Creek, and definitely in the mountains when we hike this summer. We usually push the Chariot, but this would be nice because she could ride her bike and walk and we could wear our youngest in a hiking

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