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PRICE $879.99 USD


AVAILABLE in US, Canada, and UK bike shops and online

Trek’s 9th District urban utility bicycle has you sitting upright and features a SRAM X5 9-speed drive train, slim Bontrager Hard-Case tires (700x28c), and a super-light aluminum construction weighing 25 lbs (11.3 kg). Fenders and rear rack are upgradable options.


The bike definitely has a “wow” factor – everyone from restaurant delivery boys to serious bikers on the street will notice you and ask what you’re riding. It is impressively light; walking up flights of stairs you almost forget that you’re carrying a bike on your shoulder.


The green color scheme is striking but different options would be nice.


This bike is perfect for a metropolitan city dweller; someone that needs to painlessly maneuver up and down stairs or through public transportation stations. Great acceleration lets you ride easily on traffic-filled streets, while also keeping up with the serious bikers on bike paths.


The Trek 9th District is an excellent bike for the urban commuter or recreational cyclist. Its lightweight and the shifter works smoothly and intuitively, making for a smooth, easily transitioning ride. Its color and design attracts attention, which is great except for when you’re concerned about theft.

Levi Jones is a 20-something originally from New Orleans, now celebrating his ninth year in New York. When not on the clock as a restaurant manager, he bikes the five boroughs in search of the best food trucks and restaurants. @levitjones

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