“Trump” Wants to Make Your Bicycle Great Again

The timely ad for a new e-bike brand is definitely the smartest thing we’ve heard “Trump” say.

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“Riding a bicycle uphill on a hot day? It’s horrible, it’s disgusting. It’s worse than watching Chris Christie at a buffet, that’s how nasty it is.”

New e-bike entrant Flux Bike recently released an admittedly hilarious video mocking pedal bike riders in the voice of Donald Trump. In the video “Trump” tells viewers, “your pedal bike doesn’t win anymore, I’m sorry it doesn’t, it just doesn’t win” as an e-bike rider breezes past a tired-looking pedal bike cyclist on a steep climb. The very on-point video comes in the middle of Flux’s funding push on IndieGogo, an already-successful round that has seen them raise nearly $300,000 on a $50,000 funding goal with 20 days left in their campaign.

Flux offers three models of mid-drive electric bicycle, a roadster, trail, and attack model, and is claiming to be “the Tesla of e-bikes” for their advanced Lithium batteries.

“Trump” assures everyone that by riding Flux, we can make bicycles great again, “greater than possibly ever, in the history of bikes, or the world, or history.”

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  • Christopher Adams

    I will buy one bicycle car if it had doors that locked and kept mosquitoes out. I hope it will be at a reasonable price!

  • BabyLem91

    This is absolutely hilarious.

  • I don’t own a car and I walk to where ever I have to go. If I can win this bike I can enjoy bike riding with my grand kid other then chaseing after them when they are on there bikes , also it would be great exercise for me too!! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win one of your wonderful electric bikes .

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