Twin Sisters on a Roll

Twin sisters Leilei and Siboney are bicycle urbanists in the making.

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Photo by David Niddrie

Photo by David Niddrie

Twin sisters Leilei and Siboney are bicycle urbanists in the making. The twins, who document their regular travels by bike on Twitter, often pepper their posts with insights into what it takes to make bicycling accessible for all ages. Leilei is six years old and wants to one day be a fashion designer. Siboney, also six years old but quick to point out that she is two minutes older than her sister, aims to one day be a scientist. Momentum Mag caught up with the busy duo to learn more.

@SiboneyLeilei Puppy of the day ... Bubbles!

@SiboneyLeilei Puppy of the day … Bubbles!

When did you both first learn to ride bikes?

Siboney: We first rode with training wheels when we were four years old, but Daddy took them off too early! We started riding without training wheels just after our sixth birthday – practicing on the seawall.

Leilei: We first got our balance on the same day – Siboney was minutes after me this time!

Tell us a bit about the bikes you are riding now and what you like most about them?

Siboney: We have blue Linus Lil’ Roadsters – we wanted to copy Daddy who has the big Linus Roadster Classic.

Leilei: We have no gears and Vancouver has lots of hills. We stand up off our seats to go up hills – it’s easy!

Siboney: The hill up Yukon by Vancouver City Hall we go up all by ourselves now.

Through your Twitter account, we see that you two do quite a bit of city exploring by bike. What do you like most about riding around Vancouver? 

Leilei: Our favorite bike route is the seawall because there is so much water and it is so bright and beautiful.

Siboney: It is all very safe.

Leilei: We go to Granville Island Water Park and to see the “Giants” art by Os Gemeos the Brazilian twin artists. And we saw them and said “great work!” We like taking our bikes to soccer practice and games and to the library. We take the Carrall Street bike lane to get our hair cut from our friend Jeff and go for pizza with him after.

Siboney: This summer we took the new bike lane on Point Grey Road to a friend’s birthday on Spanish Banks and other times to see the bunnies at Jericho Beach. Our favorite store is Redfish, which is on the Hornby bike lane.

Leilei: It’s a cool store we love to take a look at their new displays. Our two favorite food carts are ChouChou Crepes in Gastown and Mom’s Grilled Cheese by Vancouver Art Gallery – we ride our bikes to both.

@SiboneyLeilei Running errands with Dad on the bike lanes. Wish the whole city was so safe! @MayorGregor

What are your favorite places to ride your bikes? 

Siboney: We love the seawall because it’s so safe – we can ride way in front of our dad or way behind – or even hold his hand. Leilei: I like to ride fast – and have lots of fun. We get to all the beaches from the seawall. Riding my bike makes me smile.

What do you think Vancouver could do to make it even better for kids riding bikes?

Siboney: More separated bike lanes! We met the Mayor this fall and told him we don’t think there are very many kids riding bikes. We ride our bikes rain or shine.

Leilei: In one of our favorite books, “Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day”, she says, “Less than a mile, bike in style!”

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