Gazelle Tour Populair T8 City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Gazelle Tour Populair T8.

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Fully-loaded steel upright bike with full chaincase, Shimano drum brakes and dynamo hub powered front and rear lights, Shimano 8-speed internal gear hub, full fenders with mudguards, skirt guard, big ding dong bell, sprung leather Brooks saddle with matching leather grips, rear rack with “rattrap,” frame pump, kickstand and rear wheel lock. Handmade in the Netherlands.

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While the Tour Populair may be the quintessential Dutch bike design, first manufactured over 100 years ago, it is probably the most relevant and a practical day-to-day bicycle available today.

Wish List

If there is something that would make this bicycle any better for daily use, it hasn’t been invented yet. My one concern was making sure I didn’t accidentally bash the front light when using modern (and impractical) bike racks.

Ideal Rider

North Americans may hesitate when faced with the unfamiliar style but this is a bicycle for everyone who wants to dress for the destination, rarely worry about maintenance, and wants to be taken around town with ease (and grace).


Like cuff links or a properly folded pocket square, the Tour Populair makes a fashion statement while still being the most functional daily bicycle you’ll ever own.

This bike was generously put together by Curbside Cycle in Toronto, ON.

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