Vanmoof 3.7 City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Vanmoof 3.7 city bike.

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PRICE: $998


AVAILABLE IN: Online and in stores worldwide.

Whether it’s down cobblestone roads, up separated bike lanes, or through rush hour traffic, Vanmoof’s modern commuter will always be turning heads. The Vanmoof M2 series offers an empowering setup for an urban setting with all of the little touches that make riding around town safe, enjoyable, and stylish. With minimalist design and efficient functionality, you’ll barely even notice the embedded technology that makes this model special.

The innovative Vanmoof X Philips, pedal-powered lighting system offers 320-degree nighttime sightlines on your way to an early morning meeting, back home on your evening commute, or stop over for after work supper. An ingenious integrated afterburner keeps the lights going at full stop for up to 15 minutes; making your pauses at traffic signals always visible. Sporting a fully-anodized frame and enclosed chainguard the 100 percent rustproof Vanmoof 3.7 is as comfortable cruising through the rain as it is in the sun. This particular model boasts front and rear roller breaks, a 7-speed internal-gear hub, built-in seat post clamp, and a useful little bell.

My only concern with the build is the short front fender, which could have easily been extended by an inch or two to provide more coverage from street grime. Overall there isn’t too much to complain about with such a sharp looking urban commuter. And at a retail price of under a thousand dollars, you will be hard-pressed to find another ride that offers comparable style and confidence at a similar price.

The new Vanmoof M3 collection will be in stores late this summer with more models, colors and the addition of single speeds, 2-speeds, 3-speeds and 8-speeds to the line-up.

Sean Elbe lives in downtown Vancouver. When he is not ripping around town on his Raleigh Port Townsend, Sean is working for the City of Vancouver’s economic development agency, advancing its mission to make Vancouver a destination for sustainable, creative, and innovative business.

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