Vulpine – Dedicated to Equality in Cycling

UK-based Vulpine is a welcoming and inclusive brand for riders of all stripes that are searching for a quality product.

Nick Hussey – founder of Vulpine, a UK-based clothing brand dedicated to making stylish bike apparel – has a passion for cycling. All styles of cycling. This is the first thing that struck me when I chatted with him from his home in East London. The second thing I noticed is that Hussey has a lot on the go.

Hussey, 40, fell in love with cycling at a very young age but was always struck by how exclusive the sport was. “You had to be in the know to join a team or take part in the events,” said Hussey. “The sport always felt a bit too cliquey and closed off, especially to women.”

After spending some time in the film industry producing music videos, Hussey decided it was time to combine his three passions: cycling, entrepreneurialism, and fantastic clothing. Fueled by his frustrations with elitism and the exclusion of women in the sport of cycling, Hussey went on to develop the clothing line Vulpine. Vulpine is a welcoming, inclusive brand for anyone, racers and daily riders included, who are searching for a quality product.

In a city as extensive as London many people face a 10 to 15-mile cycle to get to their destination. Hussey explained that once you are biking those kind of distances, you need to be wearing something that is well-made as well as being built for both style and performance.

Hussey started asking the basic, yet practical, question, “What do you want from the clothes that you cycle in?” He was surprised that the answers he received were from women telling him what exactly what they didn’t want, “Please don’t just pink it and shrink it!”

With this constructive feedback, Hussey went on to design a women’s and men’s line that included tops, jackets, shorts, and trousers, all of which were equally fashion conscious and performance focused.

Equality is also central to the Vulpine line. Motivated by Hussey’s early experiences of cycling exclusivity, the Vulpine line promises to always carry pieces designed for both ladies and gents.

What’s next for Vulpine? Staying true to motivating more women to cycle, Vulpine is sponsoring the women’s elite racing team, Matrix Vulpine, all the while adding more pieces to their growing women’s line.

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  • Erin Snow

    Beautiful clothing! But equality could include pricing that takes into account he fact that women generally are paid much less than men. I, myself, would like to see beautiful bike clothing that I could afford. That would be equality.

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