Weehoo iGo PRO Pedal Trailer Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Weehoo iGo PRO Pedal Trailer.


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Weehoo’s iGo PRO is a recumbent child pedal trailer that includes a hitch with five bushings for connecting to several seat post sizes. The child is seated securely with a three-point harness and straps on the pedals to keep their feet in place. Sturdy enough for a child up to 60 lbs (27 kg) and an additional 15 lbs (7 kg) of cargo. The iGo PRO features a 20” wheel and a fiberglass pole with orange safety flag. Warranty is offered for the life of the trailer for its original owner.


Weehoo’s iGo PRO gets your children pedaling in comfort and safety early.


I wish it came with an integrated kick stand to make loading and unloading without the risk of a tip over easier.


My daughter loved the iGo PRO Pedal Trailer and her younger baby brother (only 2) was at first jealous, but only for a moment because the three-point harness meant he was able to try it out too. We found this product to be a solid and safe trailer for children. With only one 20” wheel you don’t feel much rolling resistance and none of the lateral floppiness that I sometimes notice on other upright bicycle pedal trailers. The iGo PRO Pedal Trailer is a little heavy at 35 lbs (16 kg), but with some practice it is not too hard to handle. I was pleased to see that the tow arm design was arched in a way that accommodated a rear rack with panniers. The included panniers are a bonus for carrying your children’s things or an extra bike lock. Overall, this is a very solid and fun trailer that allows your child to take an active part in your family bicycle outings, you just have to convince them to pedal on the hills.

Gwendal Castellan is a father of two and enjoys riding all kinds of bicycles all sorts of places He works as an energy specialist at Tourism Vancouver helping businesses identify projects to reduce their energy consumption. @GwendalC  

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