Why Women Ride – A Women Bike Infographic

Winners of the League of American Bicyclists Women Bike infographic contest highlight why women ride bikes.

With the goal of uncovering the power and potential of female bicyclists, the League of American Bicyclists released the Women on a Roll report in August 2013.

To help share the many exciting discoveries within the report, the League held a contest asking participants to create a shareable and interesting infographic.

The winning entry, by Paul Halupka and Alex Helbach from Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance, highlights the many reasons why women ride bikes.

“Developing this infographic was a daunting task,” Halupka told the League. “The variety of data was overwhelming and the issue of gender equality in the world of bikes is a big deal to us personally, as well as relevant in Chicago and nationwide. Proper communication of these complex issues is key, so, for Alex and I, taking on this project not only felt like a big responsibility, but something we really wanted to do right. We feel pleased and lucky to be in a position to help the League do their awesome work!”

Click here for the full-size infographic.

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  • CelloMom

    Very nice graphic; but the real question for American ridership is “Whay do women NOT ride?”. The report has it in one sentence: “Only 6% of American women vs 13% of men say they’re confident
    riding on all roads with traffic” — which also highlights the fact that you could get both more women AND more men out on bikes if you made riding safer.

    “Safe” means real bike paths separated from the car lanes by a physical barrier. Safe means that in a car-bike accident the liability is on the motorist until proven otherwise. These measures are implemented in the Netherlands where everyone bikes: including the prime minister on, and including the 80-year olds, and including 8-year olds on their way to school by themselves. THIS is what will get more women (and men out) on two wheels.

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