Women’s Cycling Jeans

No longer just for the boys, a growing number of women’s cycling jeans are pedal-ready and available in a variety of cuts, colors, and styles.

No longer just for the boys, a growing number of women’s cycling jeans are pedal-ready and available in a variety of cuts, colors, and styles. Increased durability and protection against the elements top the list of bike-friendly features found on this new breed of denim.


  • Iris Murasaki

    Please tell designers and manufacturers that full figured (as susan said below), or, women larger than a size 12 also commute by bike! We’d like to be included! That said, I think spending a lot of money on special clothes for commuting is silly, but I wouldn’t be above dropping $100 on a pair of jeans if they really well “all that.”

  • Susan

    Durable in the saddle area, full length, non-welted inseams, some stretch with room to breath, looks good off the bike, doesn’t cost over $100 and most importantly, made for a full figure.

  • Bike Pretty

    I think it’s unfair to dismiss these featured jeans as being a “tightened-up, shrunk down” but-missing-features version of men’s commuter jeans.
    These are different products from the mens line. The designers were trying to solve a different problem so they emphasized other features.
    On top of that, the womenswear market in general is so much more crowded than the menswear market. And the customer is spoiled for choice and demands a lot more at a much lower price point.
    Finally, what *exactly* is wrong with buying a pair of jeans that are marketed towards men? Yes, you might have to get them altered to fit, in which case you would be supporting a local craftsperson. Secondly, you would be voting with your dollars and sending a powerful message to the menswear lines that the womenswear market does actually splash out the cash for commuter jeans.

    • Liz Jackson

      I responded to your comment on my blog and my response is a bit too long to include here. So I’ll use this as a chance to add one more thing. I advocate for choice and options. And in that vain, I think it’s so fantastic that you and I have differing opinions. You believe in voting with dollars. I believe that some markets are worth investing in, that the payoff will be greater than the investment in the long run. I just wish Levis would have released the Men’s and Women’s commuter jeans at the same time.

  • Liz Jackson

    I love that you’re writing about women’s commuter jeans. But that doesn’t change the fact that many of these are very new when the men’s versions have been around for years. Furthermore, none of these women’s commuters offer an equal number of features of their men’s counterpart. I understand that it’s a great step that women cyclists are being marketed to, but I just wish their products weren’t a tightened up, shrunk down version of the men’s. http://www.thegirlwiththepurplecane.com/2014/10/02/commuter-jeans-for-women/

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